Baby got back: Why tech is the perfect industry for returning parents
tech industry for returning parents

As a parent, returning to work after having a baby can be a daunting prospect. However, there’s one industry that’s particularly well-suited for parents looking to balance their family responsibilities with their professional aspirations: tech. If you’re looking to elevate your career to the next level while also being ‘Supermum’ or ‘Superdad’, find out why tech is the perfect industry for returning parents.

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Tech companies tend to be more flexible than other industries when it comes to working hours and remote work options. This can be a lifesaver for parents who need to juggle childcare responsibilities with their job. Many tech companies also offer job-sharing options, part-time roles, or flexible schedules to accommodate the needs of working parents.

Family-friendly policies

Many tech companies have family-friendly policies in place that make it easier for parents to balance their work and family responsibilities. For example, some companies offer on-site childcare, while others offer generous parental leave policies or the option to work from home when needed. These policies can make a big difference in a parent’s ability to stay in the workforce while also caring for their children.

High demand for skilled workers

The tech industry is known for its skills shortage, which means that there’s a high demand for talented workers. This can work to the advantage of returning parents, who may have taken a career break to care for their children but still have valuable skills to offer. Many tech companies are eager to hire talented and experienced professionals, regardless of whether they have a gap in their CV due to parenting.

Opportunities for career growth

Tech is a fast-paced industry with plenty of opportunities for career growth and advancement. This can be particularly appealing for parents who are looking to re-enter the workforce and want to get back on track with their career. Many tech companies offer training and development programs to help employees build their skills and advance in their careers.

Remote work options

Remote work has become increasingly common in the tech industry, and many companies have embraced it as a way to attract and retain talented employees. This can be a game-changer for parents who need the flexibility to work from home or other remote locations. With the right tools and technology, remote work can be just as productive and efficient as working from the office and can offer parents the flexibility they need to balance their work and family responsibilities.

The tech industry is an excellent option for parents who are returning to work after having a baby. With its flexibility, family-friendly policies, high demand for skilled workers, opportunities for career growth, and remote work options, tech offers parents the support and flexibility they need to balance their work and family responsibilities.

If you’re trying to find the perfect industry for returning parents, look no further than tech. At The Bridge we are champions of the career pivoters, itchy feeters, digital nomads, tech-preneurs, curious minds, purpose seekers and change makers and we’re here to help you find your path.

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