Tech trends that are here to stay in 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, trends come and go at a lightning pace. Businesses need to think where to invest their time and resources if they want to stand a chance in the dynamic world we live in today. As we find ourselves well into 2023, it’s a fitting time to take a closer look at tech trends that are here to stay in 2023 , and those that might be nearing their expiration date… 

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AI is poised to stand the test of time as a transformative force for businesses. Its ability to create, innovate, and streamline processes offers unparalleled potential that transcends current trends. 

In the realm of content creation, AI has already shown its prowess by crafting high-quality written, visual, and even audio content. This capability allows businesses to efficiently produce engaging and personalised materials, freeing up human resources for more demanding tasks. The example of Chat GPT has taken the world by storm with its ability optimise efficiency and overall output.  Its ability to rapidly analyse large data sets bodes well for the future. As AI continues to evolve, it will continue to support trend spotting with its predictive capabilities. AI is almost certainly in the list of tech trends that are here to stay in 2023.


Similarly in notoriety to Chat GPT, one to definitely make our list of tech trends that are here to stay in 2023. The metaverse has attracted its fair share of interest since its introduction. However, once touted as the future of digital interaction and immersive experiences, the Metaverse has experienced a notable dip in relevance. While initial excitement and big opportunities captured the imagination of tech enthusiasts and innovators, practical implementation and widespread adoption have fallen short of the initial hype. Complex technological challenges, concerns about data privacy and security, and the absence of seamless integration across platforms have contributed to a sense of disillusionment.

Additionally, the concept’s sheer size and ambitious goals have led to scepticism about its feasibility within the foreseeable future. As a result, attention has shifted to more immediate technological advancements, causing the metaverse’s prominence to reduce. Despite the technologies great work in bringing advancements such as the digital twin to life, whether it can regain its initial relevancy in the ever-evolving tech landscape is something we deem unfeasible for the remainder of the year.


Cyber security is here to stay, with the rate of cybercrime increasing by 61% between 2016-2022. The market to defend against it (cyber security) simply has to grow, and with the rise of AI, the need for robust cybersecurity measures becomes even more critical. As cyber threats become more advanced, the focus on cybersecurity remains a trend. Predictive AI is gaining prominence in threat detection and response, offering a glimmer of hope against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber risks. 

With remote working, cloud computing and more on the rise, the importance of cyber security is only heightened. And with the regulations and requirements around cyber security measures getting stricter off the back of increased breaches in recent years, non-compliance can lead to severe legal and financial consequences. This makes cybersecurity an essential business practice for now and the future, and immediately earns itself a spot on our list of tech trends that are here to stay in 2023.

Is ‘big data’ a big let-down?

While big data can undoubtedly be important to many organisations as it can highlight key trends in consumer bases and much more.  

Big data’s popularity has waned in organisations due to a combination of complexities, costs, and evolving priorities. The initial demand for amassing vast volumes of data has given way to a more discerning approach. Organisations now recognise that data quality and relevance trump sheer quantity. Many have encountered challenges in deriving meaningful insights from these large data sets, leading to concerns about return on investment. Privacy and compliance considerations have further complicated big data initiatives, with data protection regulations necessitating caution.  

More specialised tools tailored to specific needs have emerged, offering more targeted and efficient analytics. Real-time decision-making is gaining prominence, and AI and machine learning are taking the spotlight as technologies capable of automating analysis and prediction without grappling with massive datasets. 

The evolution of data strategies shows a shift towards more practical, actionable insights rather than an obsession with large data for its own sake. With that said we don’t see ‘big data’ making our list of tech trends that are here to stay in 2023.

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Digital literacy 

And last but definitely not least in our list of tech trends that are here to stay in 2023, digital literacy is an area we see becoming more important by the day. In the tech-filled world we live in, tech trends that are here to stay in 2023 are often hard to come by with so many having a short period of popularity followed by a large drop off. However, digital literacy is undeniably crucial; it’s a skill that’s here to stay. It allows individuals to navigate the digital landscape effectively, critically evaluate information, engage responsibly online, and continue to adapt to evolving technologies.  

The issues start to arise when we delve a bit deeper into this topic. Despite the majority of us being aware of the fact that being skilled with tech is important, almost 35% of the world still don’t even have access to the internet. This doesn’t even consider those with access to the internet but without the resources to learn from it. This raises the issue of the ever-prominent digital divide, creating a worrying insight into the future whereby a social divide is getting worse year on year due to our incredibly fast, trend-based tech adoption.  

We must work together to ensure while we stay on top of trends in tech, while making sure that we don’t fail to see the bigger picture and leave people behind.  

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An article by Ben Taylor

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