Why Big 4 experience is valued in cyber security consultancy firms – Recruitment Consultant, Liam McQuade

In today’s world, cybersecurity is on the rise and It’s all about protecting ourselves and organisations from cyber threats. As a cybersecurity recruitment consultant at The Bridge, I’ve witnessed the importance of cybersecurity measures in today’s digital age and guess what? Cyber Security consultancy firms are totally into hiring people with experience from the “Big 4” accounting firms – Deloitte, EY, KPMG, and PwC. So, I thought I would try and investigate why.

Blue KPMG signage at their offices in Canary Wharf – headquarters of company in the UK. It’s one of big 4 accounting firms

Deep understanding of risks

Security Consultants with Big 4 experience have tackled complex financial audits, risk assessments, and advisory projects. When it comes to digging deep and finding the right answers, these people know how to get the job done due to the likely hood of encountering these problems at multiple organisations.

Working a multitude of sectors from a legal POV

When you have security consultants that have worked with industries like finance, healthcare, government, and other heavily regulated industries, consultants with Big 4 experience have handled complex regulatory frameworks and made sure companies follow important standards like GDPR and SOX. They are known for being up to date with the ins and outs of what’s legal and what’s not. This makes them sort of like superheroes in helping companies stay on the right side of the law while keeping sensitive data secure.

Being human

Cybersecurity consulting isn’t just about being a “techy”. It involves working with clients, understanding their needs, and explaining tricky technical stuff in simple terms. Consultants at the Big 4 are known to have killer communication and client management skills. They’ve collaborated with different teams, presented to big bosses, and built solid relationships with clients. They can break down geeky jargon into clear, understandable recommendations that help businesses make smart decisions. Most Cyber Security consultancy firms can do this, and if they are any good, this will be shown to their clients. However, when it comes to the experts, particularly in auditing, people do tend to think of the Big 4.

Big 4 experience is considered hot in the cybersecurity world. Recruiters love it because it shows that you’ve got the goods! But hey, let’s not forget that talent can also be found in other places. Sure, the Big 4 folks bring a ton of skills and expertise, but that doesn’t mean others can’t shine. Embracing diversity in recruitment is key to building a strong and innovative cybersecurity industry. So, while the Big 4 experience is impressive, let’s keep an open mind and give everyone a chance to show what they’ve got. Together, we can all create a kick-ass cybersecurity team that’s ready to tackle any challenge!

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An article by Ben Taylor

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